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Pinnacle of the XD08 Series with a Matte-Black Body USB 3.2 Gen1 (USB Type-C®) / 2.0 Slim Portable BD/DVD/CD Writer Features the latest high-grade rubber coating

  • The latest high-grade rubber coating, which provides some of the best resistance against scratching and peeling in the industry
  • PureRead 4+ for accurate reading of CDs
  • Compatible with the USB 3.2 Gen1 standard for high-speed data transfer and stable power supply
  • Ultra-lightweight 230 g (0.51 lb) and portable clamshell type drive
  • Long-term data protection with M-DISC™
  • Type-C conversion cable included
  • Windows® 11 / macOS Monterey® 12 Compatible
  • Windows Software, CyberLink® Media Suite 10 is included. (available for download free of charge)

BDR-XD08UMB-S is the pinnacle of the XD08 Series with a Matte-Black Body that has further evolved. Ideal for recording and playback of audio & video content. Developed, designed, and manufactured in-house by Pioneer, BDR-XD08UMB-S delivers a comprehensive range of features. This product is equipped with features for enjoying music on a PC, such as the latest and most powerful version, Pure Read 4+. Pure Read 4+ is a function that minimizes the occurrence of error data interpolation when importing (ripping) audio CDs. In addition, the latest high-grade rubber coating results in a refined appearance and luxury feel, which also provides some of the best resistance against scratching and peeling in the industry. The XD08 Series is based on the concept of ease of use, with a clamshell type body that makes it easy to take out discs even on a desk where space is limited, and a compact, lightweight body about the size of a CD case. This product also includes a Type-C conversion cable, which provides easy connection to PCs equipped with Type-C connectors, and an L-shaped USB cable that allows you to connect to the drive in either direction. BDR-XD08UMB-S also has performance features such as Custom Eco function available through the Pioneer BDR-XD08UMB-S Drive Utility. Custom Eco helps reduce the device's power consumption. As to software, CyberLink Media Suite 10 for Windows OS is available for download free of charge. It is a drive that you always want to keep close to you and feel the satisfaction and comfort of owning it.